Janma Rahasya- A Play in Marathi-Review




What happens when one’s origin, parentage, identity feels threatened? Does the rocking of your world create tremors in the close relationships that are the anchor of our existence? A woman discovers that the father she admired and idolised, may not have been her biological after after all.

Where does the search for the truth take her?

Janma Rahasya-secret of birth (parentage), a play written by psychiatrist Dr, Anand Nadkarni,presents a story  with a background of  schizophrenia and its attendant issues.



Raising kids without comparison- to yourself!

How often do we tell kids…. when I was your age, I was better…. I studied more… was obedient, punctual, tidy, etc.Is that the right thing to do? What are subjecting them to?



The other woman or ….the other woman????- A review of Amhi Sau Kumud Prabhakar Apte



A play with strong female characters, a healthy dose of good acting,, a dash of mystery and a pinch of melodrama…. a la` Ekta Kapoor and her soaps….makes a recipe  for a good watch!!!!

INDRA NOOYI And Her MOTHER- Some Comments

When Pepsico President Indra Nooyi comments on something, the whole world, esp women sit up and listen, then discuss it animatedly. The comments were dissected and pored over, criticized and agonized over, the import of her meaning was shredded….in every possible portal-from the print to news media , forums for women and every other possible place.

This is my little bit of contribution to the conversation.


A Play review- Chhapa Kaata- Human Relationships -strong and delicate

Reviewed this play for Mumbai Theatre Guide.

A great play, wonderful performances.

I felt that the story seemed plausible, that of a clingy widowed mother not letting her daughter move out or move on.


Reema Lgoo and Mukta Barve …..

I Know What You Need, My Love – A story about tough choices

This is point that we all reach, some time in our lives. Modern science sometimes hands us only more questions and very few answers.

Is quality of life not as important as the quantity? Do we take into consideration, the wishes of the person who is suffering? What is the best time to let go?


When needs and wants are at cross-purposes, what can the heart do?