Busting the yummy-mummy myth

ImageImage credit:freedigital photos.net

THe ghost of page three mummys seems to loom large over us all .

But are these hourglass moms really upfront about what they do?

is the media fawning over them a little too much, ignoring the daily grind of the common-mommys?

The article….

Standing in the checkout-line at a supermarket, I saw an ad for a weight-loss clinic go up on screen. It started with “Ladies, do you HATE looking at yourself in the mirror? Do you want to be a page three yummy-mummy?” in bold letters with a blaring commentary to match. This was followed by a comical animated figure of a woman trying to squeeze into a pair of slacks (familiar, isn’t it ?). Every woman looking at the ad did this “let-me-check-out-my-neighbor” thing through the corner of her eye towards the next woman.

Needless to say, no page three mom ever hauls in her own shopping, and we had no paragon to compare ourselves to, in the flesh. But, every woman there, conditioned by years of incessant media hype, did a mental checklist, found herself a little lacking and felt a moment of self-doubt.

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