Auroville-Oasis or mirage

ImageAuroville is township in South India, dedicated to spiritual communal living. This is a narrative of a day that we spent there and some questions that we had. Humankind has along way to go, as far the sharing of material things are concerned…..but perhaps this is the beginning.

‘The boy stood on the burning deck, whence all but him had fled’ my inner child was chanting lines from Casabianca, under her breath.

Standing on the top of a huge shipping container, heated by the blazing noon sun, in the middle of a barren field, the only movement that I could discern were the tall trees near the horizon. For a moment, I felt like the boy in the poem. I was on the outskirts of Auroville, a small township near Puducherry in Southern India, trying to imagine what our host, Sumeet, would see every morning from the roof of his new home.



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